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Joyce Livingston's Quilting Corner



My name is Joyce Livingston and I am a former television broadcaster of 18 years.
I did two daily shows each weekday:
The Joyce Livingston Show from 9-10 a.m. and Woman's World at noon.
Each was a variety/talk show, we could do anything--and we did!
That's where I was introduced to quilting!
And, I was hooked!

I began quilting in 1982, and after making 18 bed-sized quilts and numerous wallhangings,
I got really serious about quilting and began my quilt lecturing and teaching in
and have been doing it since then. I spend most of my time writing,
developing patterns, and of course, lecturing and teaching around the country.

When I began designing and constructing quilted jackets and vests,
people wanted to know how to make them, so I began teaching.
Then they asked for lectures on the jackets and my personal clothing,
so I began lecturing. Soon, they wanted the patterns I had developed for myself,
so I published my patterns. They are available in sizes 8-24.

I've taught and lectured during Quilt Week at the BIG Quilt Show
in Paducah, Kentucky for the past four years.
And, I've taught and lectured at The International Quilt Festival
in Houston, Texas,
and will be again this October (1997). My class will be all-day on Friday,
if you'd like more information, write to me. I'll be teaching
The Tee-Shirt Jacket, my own original design!
See my article on The Tee Shirt Jacket with a full-page color picture
in Quilt World Magazine, May 1997.

My lectures and classes

Plans for the future

Some of my favorite links



A collection of 18 of my own personal, original quilts and numerous wall hangings,
many which I've featured in my quilt articles.


52 original jackets. Each featuring different techniques.
Embellishments and ideas. Pieced, appliqued, etc. Each quilted!


64 ALL-NEW garments!

Jackets, vests, hats, jumpers, PJ's, etc.
Those who've seen Jackets & Embellishments asked for more!


Each of the above lectures has at least one accompanying class
to go with it. All of my classes are designed for beginner to advanced.

My most popular class is:


Class members make a fully-lined vest from a pair of old blue jeans.
and several fabrics from their home stash in this 6-hour class!
Then, wear it home from class!

E-mail me and I'll send a complete brochure!

Be sure to include your name and address, phone number,
and the name of your Quilt or Sewing Guild.
And, if you are not the program chairman,
please include her name and address (if you know it!)
That helps me to make sure the information gets to the right person.

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I am so glad to have this opportunity to let you in on my plans. In addition to lecturing, teaching and writing about quilting, I'm very interested in sharing quilting tips and hints,
and wonderful creative ideas I've picked up through trial, error, and the sharing of ideas with other quilters.
So, in the near future, I plan to feature some of my quilting articles that have been
previously published in Quilt Magazines with you and other quilters!

BOOKMARK this page and keep checking back frequently. I'll soon be adding links that will take you right to those articles. They will feature pictures of the projects and FULL instructions for completing them.

I'll also be listing any new lectures and classes I'll soon be ready to present. And, I have some other ideas that I think you'll enjoy including feature articles on the Web about other quilters and their tips and hints, all taken from
THE BUSY QUILTER'S SURVIVAL GUIDE, a 365-page 8 1/2x11" book I've published, featuring 225 quilters! These are quilters just like you, and they've shared everything about themselves and their quilting from stories and memories about quilting, to hints and tips on not only quilting, but household tips and hints to free up more time for quilting. And, they share ideas on how to store your fabrics, etc. Cutting. Marketing. And, so many other useful ideas. And, if that isn't enough, how about over 400 of their favorite time-saving recipes?
E-mail me if you'd like more information on the book.

I'm in the process of creating the Web Pages I've promised you!
Hopefully, they will be up and running soon!
I think you will find them worth waiting for.

In the meantime, don't forget to e-mail me!
If you'd like my informative brochure,
include your name, address, phone number
and the name of your Quilt or Sewing Guild.
And, if you're not the Program Chairman for your Guild,
please include her name and address, too (if you know it!)
I look forward to hearing from you.

Your quilting buddy, Joyce Livingston

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